Saturday, August 06, 2005

Does This Blog Stop at 82nd Street?

A lot of you may not have gotten the reference I made in the title, but it is not necessary to grasp the point of this post. I posted about this petition over on the political discussion boards of one of my favourite artists, Bruce Springsteen, it has already led to some interesting discussion, such as the following bit of wisdom:
According to Ed Morgan, a professor at U of T law school, there are certainly a lot of dicey issues here. "Emery was simply using the Internet for anybody who wanted to order from him,'' he says. "He wasn't conspiring to ship drugs to the U.S.; he was simply making them available over the Internet to anyone worldwide. For any country to seize jurisdiction over the Internet makes the whole world vulnerable to long-arm jurisdiction. That seems dangerous to notions of sovereignty.

Check out the topic to follow the responses. Like my last suggestion of setting the Emery graphic as your MSN picture, posting on high traffic boards is a great way to promote the cause with minimal effort.

To all who support this cause, keep on rockin' the in (mostly) free world.


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