Sunday, August 07, 2005

Colby Cosh

Colby Cosh is incredible. I've followed his columns for a long time now, including his sports column--of all things!--in the Western Standard.

He blogs about the website being up and running again on his blog. This is a follow-up to his editorial in the National Post on the same topic. Here's his post:
My column about Marc Emery in this morning's National Post is, I think, both good and important. Subscribers can read it online; the rest of you can find it in the Post's "Issues & Ideas" section; and if you're either the Federal Minister of Justice or the judge who is going to be hearing Emery's case against extradition, I'll be happy to e-mail it to you directly. The Free Marc Emery website is back up. As I propose in the column, even if you don't think Emery should be a free man, you can still oppose his extradition to the U.S.
I think we'll be happy to send the column to Irwin Cotler on Colby's behalf...

Reason magazine, the libertarian "rag" (used affectionately) in the U.S., has blog posts about Emery's arrest here and here. Go check them out.

(Hat tip to Mike K.--you rock!)


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